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Geoff Mayfield goes On the Record...Online with host Eric Schwartzman to discuss how the Billboard charts are evolving in the age of digital music, the legislative shortcomings of the DMCA and escalating ring-tone sales. 

Geoff Mayfield has been director of charts at Billboard magazine since 1994 and has overseen the Billboard 200 albums chart since 1990.  In addition to overseeing Billboard's charts department, Mayfield writes the charts analysis column Over The Counter and spearheaded the launch of Billboard Chart Alert.
04:02 - Geoff Mayfield reveals the inner working of just what goes into the production of the coveted Billboard charts.
05:48 - A Billboard veteran, Mayfield weighs in on the advantages and disadvantages that technology has brought to the Billboard charts.
08:51 - Mayfield on the importance of looking beyond the Billboard 200 to a more holistic view of all Billboard charts in an age of media fragmentation.
10:00 - Mayfield talks about new media consumption and the psychographics of digital consumption.
13:04 - Mayfield reveals the shortcomings of retail sales measurements and the dangers of an oversimplified perspective.
16:33 - Mayfield describes the secret behind how Billboard measures non-copyrighted music.
17:42 - The Digital Millennium Copyright Act and what the future holds for record companies pushing sales of physical product in an age where consumers are legally constrained by how they can consume.
19:51 – Mayfield talks about the impact of digital distribution on major and independent record companies.
22:13 - Mayfield plugs Billboard's new chart called Hot RingMasters, which measures ring-tones based on master recordings.
25:06 - Mayfield acknowledges the shortcomings of the Billboard charts and the changes the company is making to aggregate more comprehensive. 
27:50 - End.

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