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Videologist Grant Crowell (@grantcrowell) discusses online display marketing, video marketing and dovetails into social media compliance in this episode of On the Record…Online, the podcast about how technology is changing the way organizations communicate and how people consume media and information.
Topics Addressed:
  • Ethical issues surrounding undisclosed online advertising
  • Responsibility Google has to distinguish between paid and unpaid search listings
  • Lack of evidence on the credibility of paid content
  • Ethics of sponsored content and inconspicuous disclosures
  • Use of mobile apps to move unclear and inconspicuous paid content
  • Celebrities that disrespect the FTC Dotcom disclosure guidelines
  • Journalistic ethical breaches in the newsroom
  • Broadcast disclosure double standards
  • Ethics of social media endorsements versus mentions
  • Ethics of journalism versus entertainment
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About the Podcaster:
Eric Schwartzman is Founder and CEO of online social media training provider Comply Socially, which helps employers manage the risk and capitalize on the opportunities of social media in the workplace.

He is also an independent communications consultant for hire to businesses, global nonprofits, the US Military, US Federal government agencies and foreign governments. His consulting services include digital strategy, social media audits, social media policy development, online public relations, social media marketing, search engine optimization and web development.

Schwartzman founded iPRSoftware, his best-selling book "Social Marketing to the Business Customer" is the first book devoted exclusively to social media for business-to-business communications, and he's founding chair of the Digital Impact Conference in NYC.
You can follow him on Twitter @ericschwartzman and on Google+.

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