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Online Pressroom Central to Marketing and PR Strategy at Cisco

Business-to-Business Marketing Podcast Reveals Networking Giant’s Social Media Plan
LOS ANGELES - April 3, 2007 - Cisco Systems, Inc. senior manager of new media and operations, Jeanette Gibson, reveals the secret behind the success of news@cisco.com, the corporation’s award winning online pressroom whose total traffic exceeds 10 million page views. Find out how Gibson transformed news@cisco.com into “the second most visited site behind the main page, cisco.com.”
The exclusive interview is featured in the latest episode of the award-winning marketing podcast "On the Record…Online," the award-winning public relations, corporate communications and business-to-business marketing podcast that features one-on-one interviews with journalists from the mainstream media and newsmakers discussing how emerging social media platforms are changing the way organizations communicate and the way people consume media and information.
One year ago, "On the Record…Online" featured Jakob Nielsen, "the guru of Web page usability" according to the The New York Times. In an exclusive interview released on April 4, 2006, Nielsen went on the record about the importance of online pressrooms to marketing and business communicators. The recent discussion with Gibson is the second episode focusing specifically on the role of online news rooms in corporate marketing and PR.
"On the Record…Online" is available at www.ontherecordpodcast.com or through Google, Yahoo, iTunes, Podcast Alley and most other podcast directories. The following are some of the podcast’s more popular episodes:
“On the Record…Online” is created, executive produced and hosted by Eric Schwartzman, founder and chairman of iPressroom Corporation and managing director of Los Angeles PR firm, Schwartzman & Associates. The podcast’s associate producers are Jennifer Dekel and Scott Hansen, and audio engineers are Michael Butler of "The Rock and Roll Geek Show" podcast and Tim Coyne of the "Hollywood Podcast."
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iPressroom’s Visible Media Platform™ helps organizations extend the reach of their PR and marketing campaigns using the latest new media services integrated into one powerful online dashboard. iPressroom facilitates the creation and management of online pressrooms as a tool for integrating the web into conventional marketing and PR campaigns through blogs, podcasts, RSS feeds, video-on-demand, audio-on-demand, email and other emerging social media platforms. The company makes it easy for corporate, agency and non-profit marketers to move their traditional campaigns onto the Net. Designed by marketing and public relations pros with decades of experience, delivering on the needs of journalists on a deadline, iPressroom provides practical tools and expert guidance for managing measurable online marketing campaigns that drive revenue by converting impressions into transactions. iPressroom provides services to Fortune 500 companies, PR agencies and non-profit organizations. For more information visit:  http://www.ipressroom.com/visible.

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Founded in 1999, Schwartzman & Associates (http://www.schwartzmanpr.com) is an award-winning boutique Los Angeles PR agency that specializes in helping clients integrate the Web into their PR, corporate communications and marketing initiatives through innovative campaigns that leverage emerging new media channels including online pressrooms, search engine optimization, RSS, blogs, podcasts, wikis, websites, online video and other social media platforms. For more information visit:  http://onlineprservices.com.

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