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New York Times Columnist David Carr Reveals Key Metric of Blog Impact

LOS ANGELES – June 30, 2007 – In a rare, candid interview, New York Times columnist David Carr talks about blogging, influence and why Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal bid can only be bad for journalism, in the most recent episode of “On the Record…Online,” the award-winning podcast about how emerging social media platforms are changing the way organizations communicate and the way people consume media and information.

Carr also talks about the changes in the newspaper business and how the Internet impacts modern journalism. On the subject of blogging, Carr reveals which blogs have the ability to propel a story forward, how scoops have changed reporting in the age of the blog and the role bloggers play on the ladder of influence.
On the controversial News Corp. bid for the Wall Street Journal, Carr says, “I do however think that he [Rupert Murdoch] has demonstrated a habit over time of using his media properties to advance the business interests of his organization.” Carr continues, “The Bancroft family can get whatever piece of paper they need to, to sign that paper away with some dignity, but don’t think Rupert Murdoch ever bought anything and didn’t run it.”
“On the Record…Online” is available at http://www.ontherecordpodcast.com/ or through Google, Yahoo, iTunes, Podcast Alley and most other podcast directories. Past guests include:
  • Ken Auletta—media business columnist at The New Yorker—on the declining newspaper readership and the public’s loss of trust for the mainstream news media.
  • David Pogue—personal technology columnist at The New York Times—on the future of podcasting and how he decides what makes news.
  • Walt Mossberg—technology columnist at The Wall Street Journal and "The most powerful arbiter of consumer tastes in the computer world today” according to Newsweek—on his expectations of corporate online news rooms, the impact of the web on the business of journalism, and what he dislikes about corporate web sites.
  • David Greising—chief business correspondent at the Chicago Tribune who discusses Sam Zell’s acquisition of Tribune Corp. and the Los Angeles Times.
“On the Record…Online” is created, executive produced and hosted by Eric Schwartzman, founder and chairman of new media marketing and online pressroom provider iPressroom Corporation and managing director of Los Angeles PR firm Schwartzman & Associates, which specializes in helping clients integrate the web into mainstream marketing and public relations campaigns.  Schwartzman also leads seminars and workshops at UCLA, PRSA and Bulldog Reporter to help organizations assess how to leverage emerging new media channels for organizational communications.

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