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Founder of Craigslist.org, Craig Newmark goes On the Record...Online with Eric Schwartzman about the success of Craigslist.org and his personal business style. He was interviewed last month during the PRSA International Conference where he gave a keynote on Social Media and Democracy.

Craig Newmark is the internet entrepreneur who founded the popular San Francisco based website Craigslist.org, a non-commercial community bulletin board with classifieds and discussion forums. A site that gets 12 billions hits a month.

Show Notes:      

2:57 - Newmark on the reach and rank of Craigslist.org.   

3:40 - Newmark on where the mainstream news media is headed.  

5:06 - Newmark on whether news media is or is not a social service.    

6:36 - Newmark on the waning media’s roll in acting as a check and balance against government.   

7:54 - Newmark on the ideas behind the look and feel of his site.

10:11 - Newmark on his personal financial situation.

11:56 - Newmark shares some advice on what makes social media work.

13:34 - Newmark describes Craigslist.org’s impact on the classified sections in newspapers.

14:33 - Newmark on the impact of the economic crisis on Craigslist.org.

14:59 - Newmark on his favorite Craislist.org posting.

15:50 - Newmark on shutting down Craigslistfinder.com.

17:32 - End

Schwartzman is the founder of online press room management service iPressroom.

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