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On the Record…Online Podcast - Special Edition: Audio Transcript from Bulldog Reporter's PR Podcasting Panel held in San Francisco on Sept. 16, 2005

Bulldog Reporter’s PR University Revolution in PR Technology Conference

Podcasting Panel featuring Michael Butler of the Rock and Roll Geek Show, Chris McIntyre of Podcast Alley, recently acquired by Podshow, Eric Rice of audioblog.com and myself. The time codes in the show notes below, which were mistakenly prepared before the program was edited, are incorrect and need to be updated.


Thanks to Jim Sinkinson and Stacy Dorter of Bulldog Reporter for allowing this panel session to be podcast.

31:30 Explaination of what podcasts are, how they work and why they matter to marketers and public relations professionals.

32:40 The difference between podcasts and audio soundbites is the subscription factor; Podcasts also have their own directories like Podcast Alley and different categories like Godcasts and Jobcasts.

34:03 iPodder made it easy to download podcasts in the beginning but with the release of iTunes 4.9, podcast downloads have skyrocketed; AOL has even integrated podcast searches into their software.

35:16 Why should you podcast? Motivated audience; direct access; unfiltered material; content lasts longer; easy to do; cost-efficient; you reach a tech-savvy consumer audience; The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell is referenced.

38:25 Introduction of panelists Michael Butler of the Rock and Roll Geek Show and the Podsafe Music Network, Chris McIntyre of Podcast Alley and Eric Rice of Audioblogs.com

40:32 For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz and Report is mentioned as a must-visit web site.

Panel Discussion:

41:47 Eric Rice explains “What is a podcast?”; Chris talks about benefits for corporations to podcast.

44:23 How to think beyond the press release and instead focus on story-telling. Michael lists what you need to record a podcast; using iRiver; Eric talks about how to get your podcast looked up.

48:00 Podcasts and RSS; how to ensure your podcast is searchable; Chris explains unique Podcast tags.

51:12 I explains similarities between TiVo and podcasts

51:47 Lists of companies already producing podcasts are Disney Purina GM Jupiter Research Oracle Cisco Macromedia iPressroom Virgin Atlantic TV Guide

54:35 The question of authenticity in podcasts and how public relations professionals should use this is explored.

59:16 My blog traffic spikes after I posted a research report about porn podcasts

60:30 Panelists discuss production values; I mention Dancer in the Dark movie starring Bjork and how its low-budget, video style made it an entertaining watch; content is typically at the forefront of a podcast; Adam Curry did interview for his Paris Hilton House of Wax Podcast using whatever he could, his cellphone; iRiver, etc.

63:21 Podshow introduces new ways of breaking news.

65:50 How do you have comments and feedbacks to podcasts?; Daily Source Code with Adam Curry and the scuffle with Audible.

69:14 Deal between Podshow and Sirius; opportunities for public relations professionals to get in on podcasting; how to submit material to podcast shows.

72:14 CMP media and The News Show’s way to contribute to podcasts:
http://www.thenewsshow.tv/forms/contribute.jhtml; audience potential to become valuable contributors to podcasts; how do podcasters feel about that; Association of Music Podcasting

Q & A:

76:13 Ed Schipul asks about how to restrict access to podcasts.

78:43 I play a snippet of my own podcast, On the Record…Online with the Hollywood Reporter’s Chris Marlowe; I describes my podcast style as “a la Charlie Rose.”

81:06 Parameters on podcast times.

85:48: Ways to track whose podcast is getting most airplay; ASCAP BMI CMJ RIAA discussed; story of Long Tail .

90:18 END

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