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PRSA Conference—Schwartzman
Despite the wide spread adoption of social media on a global basis, most companies today remain clueless about how digital technology is changing the way people communicate and share information.  

How else do explain Burson-Marsteller's email smear campaign against Google for Facebook, a famous British soccer player's lawsuit against Twitter to unmask his anonymous critics, or JC Penny and Overstock.com's decision to employ black hat SEO tactics, resulting in their websites being manually demoted in the search rankings. Chalk it up to digital illiteracy.  

In this episode, PR professionals from Martin Waymire Advocacy Communications in Central Michigan discuss overcoming digital illiteracy in the workplace:
  • Roger Martin, APR, Partner (@advocateman)
  • Andrea Ness, Director of graphic and new media services (@andrea_ness)
  • Rose Tantraphol (“PH” is silent – TAN-tra-pole), Senior account executive (@rose101)

Most people go to a few social media conferences and learn just enough to be dangerous.  But the fight against digital illiteracy will not be won through keynotes or panel sessions. What's required is practical training and applied knowledge.  

This episode is about what it takes to build digital illiteracy in your company, with your managers and your clients as well.

Andrea and Rose are both alumni of my Social Media Boot Camp, a small monthly workshop that provides hands-on training where you learn real skills and applied knowledge for social marketing.  The next Social Marketing Workshop is June 30-July 1, 2011 in Los Angeles.

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About the Podcaster:
Eric Schwartzman (@EricSchwartzman) provides social marketing services, social marketing research and social media training to businesses, government agencies and nonprofits. He over 15 years experience integrating emerging information technologies into organizational communications programs.  He has served Boeing, BYU, City National Bank, Environmental Defense Fund, Government of Singapore, Johnson & Johnson, NORAD Northcomm, Southern California Edison, Toyota, UCLA, US Dept. of State, United States Army, US Embassy of Athens, US Embassy to Rome, United States Marine Corps and many other small to medium-sized companies and agencies.  Eric is also the instructor behind top-rated social media training seminars and the Social Media Boot Camp which are offered monthly in the US and abroad. Visit the social media training calendar for upcoming dates.

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