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Email newsletter publisher and adored public relations target DailyCandy.com’s founder and Editor-in-Chief Dany Levy and CEO Pete Shienbaum discuss getting acquired by Comcast for $125 million, using email newsletters as a new media distribution channel, why their email newsletters are a valuable new media marketing opportunity and how public relations professionals looking to score coverage should approach their editorial staff.
Show Notes: 
1:45 – How an online newsroom from iPressroom can be used to help public relations practitioners generate more news coverage for their clients. How to use iPressroom to distribute press releases, biographies, fact sheets, publicity stills, video, audio, and more, and how to measure downloads and generate activity reports. Plus, how to get free access to iPressroom’s online newsroom SEO wizard. For more information tweet @chrisbechtel or contact cbechtel at ipressroom dot com.
2:59 – New media mogul Dany Levy shares where she was raised, where she went to school, where she lives and whether she’s single or taken.
3:54 – New media executive Pete Shienbaum on how he thinks a down economy will impact the lifestyle news beat and dealing with consumer’s changing media consumption habits.
5:09 – Dany Levy on the unique advantages of email newsletters as a distribution vehicle versus other new media channels, and how to adapt news and information to take best advantage of bulk email as a communication vehicle.
7:17 – Dany Levy on balancing the needs of marketers against the expectations of subscribers by helping marketers develop messages most likely to resonate with their nearly 2.8 million subscribers. Pete Shienbaum discusses the relationship between editorial and advertising at DailyCandy.com.
8:51 – New media mogul Dany Levy talks about her background in mainstream print news journalism, and how she governs the relationship between editorial and advertising at DailyCandy.com.
9:54 – Dany Levy on the impact of aesthetics on the DailyCandy.com brand, and just how far she’ll go to help a new media marketer engage her subscribers.
10:46 – How new media mogul Dany Levy uses the domestic and international mainstream news media to keep DailyCandy.com relevant, but not repetitive. She also tips off media relations specialists on which European and Asian countries she’s watching closest to trend spot.
11:25 – New media executive Pete Shienbaum talks about Twitter, and the importance of emerging technologies on staying relevant to consumers in today’s news media marketplace. Dany Levy shares her Twitter ID, which you’ll never be able to guess. You can find Pete’s Twitter ID by checking Dany’s followers.
14:46 – Dany Levy reveals how her editorial strategy for her city editions differs from that of the Everywhere, Deal and Travel editions. She tips off public relations people on which ones she needs something cool to hyperlink to, which ones she doesn’t, and the relationship of a website to what makes cool lifestyle news.
16:22 – Pete Sheinbaum on the future mainstream print news media brands, the importance of trust and credibility, and whether or not perennial the fashion magazine category is impervious to online delivery.
18:57 – Pete Sheinbaum on why new media marketers pay a premium to run display ads with DailyCandy.com.
20:50 – Pete Sheinbaum reveals DailyCandy.com’s advertiser attrition rates over the last several quarters.
21:58 – Pete Sheinbaum talks about email open rates and email click-through rates in relation to industry averages for traditional internet media. He also discusses the impact of the creative, the subject line and promotional incentives on the numbers.
23:37 – Eric Schwartzman shares the name and number of the hot new Chanel lip gloss color, according the make-up specialist at the Chanel store on Robertson in Los Angeles, and where actress Scarlett Johansson recently spotted him lunching.
24:21 – Dany Levy on how the economy’s impacting the jet setters, and DailyCandy.com’s target audience.
26:01 – Pete Sheinbaum on how they grew DailyCandy.com, how their business plan differed from a typical Silicon Valley start up and how the timing of the last dotcom bust affected their efforts.
27:34 – Pete Sheinbaum on whether or not the economic downturn represents an opportunity for start-ups to displace entrenched, category leaders.
28:49 – Dany Levy on the formula for the perfect PR pitch to DailyCandy.com, and the best email address to send pitches to.
30:03 – Dany Levy talks about the Daily Candy Dossier, which reports on the fashion runways of the world, where the DailyCandy.com editors sit in the fashion news media pecking order, the old guard fashion media’s attitude towards DailyCandy.com, and why.
31:46 – End
Eric Schwartzman (@ericschwartzman) is the founder of online newsroom software as a service provider iPressroom (www.ipressroom.com), and creator of the New Media PR Boot Camp, which has been attended by more than a thousand public relations and marketing executives from the private, public, government and nonprofit sectors. In addition to advising clients on best practices for online newsroom design, deployment and management, Schwartzman offers a portfolio of new media training courses to accelerate the acquisition of social media communication skills

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