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In this podcast, we talk to EFF Intellectual Property Director Corynne McSherry (@cmcsherr), who spent the weekend pouring over FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's proposal (@TomWheelerFCC), which is now available for public comment through DearFCC.
Topics discussed include:
  • How could the concept of paid prioritization impact news media diversity
  • Argument in favor of regulating ISPs like phone companies
  • Argument agasint regulating ISPs like phone companies
  • Reclassifying ISPs as telecommunications services
  • Al Tompkins's (@atompkins) article about the impact of Net Neutrality on jouranlism
  • Who's the blame for where we are and how we got here
  • Should the Federal Trade Commission be involved to regulate unfair competition
  • Public threat of consolidated ownership of ISPs and content providers
  • Best practices for mobilizing the public behind thicker policy issues
  • How to file a public comment on the proposal to the FCC
And much, much more.
About the Host:
Eric Schwartzman is CEO of social media training provider Comply Socially, which helps employers manage the risk and capitalize on the opportunities of social media in the workplace.  Follow him on Google+. and on Twitter @ericschwartzman.

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