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New York Times Executive Director of Customer Insight Jeffrey Graham goes On the Record...Online at the 2008 PRSA International Conference about rumor control, the wisdom of the crowd and fighting to keep the Grey Lady profitable.

Graham leads a 30-person corporate research team at The New York Times and nytimes.com, which includes advertising, online marketing, strategic research, web analytics, and database marketing. Previously he was SVP, Strategic Research & Accountability Director for Starcom MediaVest, where he led communication research for Procter & Gamble, as well as research for P&G’s television and digital investments.

Others from the New York Times who have appeared on this podcast include media business columnist David Carr and consumer electronics columnist David Pogue. In addition, David Carr's keynote at the PRSA Digital Impact Conference 2008 in NYC was also released as a special episode.

Show Notes:

2:33 - Graham on his “Online and Offline Word of Mouth” session at the 2008 PRSA International Conference.

3:23 - Graham on the influence that word of mouth has on internet marketing and online advertising.

4:00 - Graham on how marketing and public relations professionals can leverage word of mouth.

5:02 - Graham speaks about how he got involved in word of mouth marketing.

6:01 - Graham on the origins of word of mouth marketing.

6:47 - Graham on tactical word of mouth marketing.

9:12 - Graham on the future of the daily news.

10:50 - Graham discusses how the New York Times maintains its depth and scope.

13:12 - Graham on InfoWorld’s decision early on to web publish only.

14:37 - Graham on The New York Times readership.

15:20 - Graham on the social media at The New York Times.

18:00 - Graham describes and the digital strategy of The New York Times under Arthur Sulzberger.

19:23 - Graham shares advice to people like Sam Zell on how to save newspapers.

20:38 - Graham on the dissertation he’s currently writing on rumor control.

20:46 - Graham describes some of what he’s learned so far on rumor control.

21:33 - Graham explains the relationship between rumor and crowd control.

22:24 - Schwartzman asks about crowd control online with examples like the uncovering of Marie Digby.

25:12 - Graham gives advice to the public relations agencies moving forward.

26:16 - Graham on what he’s found surprising while researching The New York Times readers.

28:32 - End

Eric Schwartzman is the founder of PR software and online news room management service iPressroom and creator of the New Media PR Boot Camp and other new media training courses which have helped over a thousand public relations and marketing executives from private, public, government and nonprofit sectors develop practical social media communication skills. On the Record…Online is the official podcast of the 2008 PRSA International Conference.

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