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In this special episode, Micro Persuasion Blogger Steve Rubel’s lunch keynote from the 2008 PRSA Digital Impact Conferencein New York City goes On the Record...Online. SVP and Director of Insights at Edelman Digital, Rubel is a well known online public relations advocate who also writes the popular public relations blog Micro Persuasion. He is a recognized online communications expert who excels at identifying key insights, trends and emerging digital platforms that can be applied to public relations, marketing and corporate communications campaigns.

Steve Rubel has also gone On the Record…Online about how he became the most popular PR Blogger and why he decided to join Edelman.

Show notes:

1:13 - Intro to Rubel’s speech at the Digital Impact Conference.

2:51 - Rubel online public relations responsibilities at Edelman Digital.

3:46 - Rubel on the erosion of mass reach media.

5:21 - Rubel on the Twitter and FriendFeed of tomorrow.

5:58 - Rubel on the 53 percent of people not engaged with online media.

6:33 - Rubel on Google.

8: 47 - Rubel on today’s think signals.

19:02 - Rubel on breaking down the web using the example of the NBA widget strategy.

12:38 - Rubel on today’s attention crash.

14:13 - Rubel on Will it Blend from Blendtec.

16:13 - Rubel on high interest niches using the example of Popurls.

18:47 - Rubel on using Google Trends to track data.

22:06 - Rubel on how to employ collaboration in marketing communications using the ideas of controlled and open communication.

26:33 - Rubel on his idea of living room 2.0, where branded content like Flickr will be transported directly into the living room.

29:37 - Rubel on geek marketers.

31:19 - Rubel on hallucinations for the future like the bloggers behind, Anywired, some of the new digital nomads.

33:36 - Rubel on today’s corporate data leaks occurring through Facebook, Gmail or Yahoo conversations.

36:30 - Rubel takes a question on how to keep social media simple and still sustain the depth of the message.

39:36 - Rubel on corporate blogs and how they can and can’t work.

41:00 - Rubel takes a question on whether organizations should have their agencies ghost write blogs.

43:45 - End

This podcast is hosted by Eric Schwartzman who is the founder of online newsroom management service iPressroom and creator of the New Media PR Boot Camp, which has been attended by over a thousand public relations and marketing executives from private, public, government and nonprofit sectors.

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