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Less than sixty days after closing a $8.85 million series "A" venture financing round led by Sequoia Capital and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Podshow.com CEO and co-founder Ron Bloom goes on the record in this in-depth, totally uncut, one-on-one interview about why podcasting is here to stay, making in roads with advertisers, where Podshow.com is headed, how he plans to leverage Podcast Alley and the Podsafe Music Network, the role of traditional media in growing podcast audiences and much, much more.


An explanation of what On the Record...Online is all about, and where to subscribe to the RSS news feed. How Ron and Adam's Internet presence in the Grammy pressroom inspired the birth of iPressroom Corporation, how to suggest future guests, provide feedback and send in audio comments. Thanks to Aaron Burcell of Podshow.com and Dan Klass of the Bitterest Pill podcast for their help.


6:16 Ron Bloom Interview Excerpts:

7:43  “To the media folks I say, look, I’ve been here a trillion dollars ago.  Decide whether you want to be in front of the train, or under the train or train.  That’s your choice.”

8:28  “Madison Avenue is not advertising.  Companies who wish to conduct business with their audiences, they’re advertising.  Madison Avenue is facilitating.  And if Madison Avenue fails to facilitate, those companies will go and find their audiences directly, because they’re the ones responsible for their success or failure.”

20:54  “In every category of business, that velvet rope exists, and talking about tomorrow’s content delivery infrastructure, there’s a hundred people talking about that at the highest level and everybody else is hoping to get tidbits from those conversations.  In talking about medical research, in talking about law.  Podcasting is a great tool to enable communicators to pull out unique content from behind these velvet ropes and corporate firewalls, and package it in a way that interests listeners.  There is your great role for PR and communications companies.”

31:33  “They shouldn’t even call it the media business.  They should call it the frequency and infrastructure business. We have a channel.  We own it.  We have a chokehold on the content that goes through that channel.  Our barrier to entry is that no one else has this frequency.  That’s the logic of radio.”

33:00  “Deliver of crap against no alternative is what’s driven the media industry for the last 20 years.”

46:15 Interview ends.

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