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Special Executive's Guide to PR Episode
4:24 - Al Golin explains what public relations is.
5:35 - Golin on the difference between public relations and media relations, and how the fields have changed over the years: "...it's the era of the individual not the masses...and that's really because of the internet and because of all this new technology we're seeing."
7:12 - Golin discusses the services clients receive from public relations agencies.
7:52 - Golin talks about the different practice areas that comprise a public relations service.
9:05 - Golin talks about the objectives of an internal communications staff versus an external communications staff.
10:33 - Golin on how his agency goes about helping new clients.
12:51 - Golin discusses a client?s responsibility in its relationship with an agency.
14:49 - Golin explains how to have a successful relationship with a client.
16:17 - Golin talks about whether the deliverables are more important than the actual relationship with a client.
17:02 - Golin on why some government officials who do not deliver results manage to remain in office.
18:17 - Golin talks about what to do if a client has unrealistic expectations.
19:29 - Golin on whether client expectations are more or less realistic today.
20:47 - Golin on the significance of reputation management: "...trust really can make or break a brand. It's not just good will. This is a very tangible thing
that can mean lots of sales or no sales."
21:44 - Golin offers his views on thought leadership.
25:14 - Golin explains how to create thought leadership for a client.
26:28 - Golin on helping clients write op-eds to gain exposure: "...getting exposure for the sake of exposure is the wrong thing. It [the subject of the op-ed] really should be something that's meaningful to that person and captures that person."
28:05 - Golin talks about finding the right public relations agency.
29:44 - Golin discusses retainer fees at boutique, mid size, and global public relations agencies.
31:03 - Golin talks about the hourly rates of different size public relations agencies.
33:50 - Golin on whether clients receive more attention from senior level staffers at small agencies versus large agencies.
36:25 - Golin talks about how GolinHarris shares the billing of a client over a global market.
37:52 - Golin shares what he thinks is the single most important thing to look for in an agency.
40:13 - Golin on how he maintains an optimistic perspective on the PR profession: "...you have to really enjoy what you do, and I still do...the best thing I
like to do is work with clients..."
41:52 - Golin on the impact of technology on transparency: "We live in this transparent society now...I think companies and people got away with things in the good old days that they could never get away with today..."
43:24 - End.
Eric Schwartzman (@ericschwartzman) is an independent new media and social media communications consultant, the creator of the top-rated New Media and Social Media Boot Camp, which has been attended by more than a thousand public relations and marketing executives from the private, public, government and nonprofit sectors. In addition to advising clients on best practices for online newsroom design, deployment and management, Schwartzman offers a portfolio of social media training courses to accelerate the acquisition of social media communication skills, as well as social media strategy and campaign support.  Schwartzman is also the founder of online newsroom software as a service provider iPressroom.
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