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Ethics officer at Ruder Finn, Emmanuel Tchividjian goes On the Record...Online with Eric Schwartzman, in a preview of his session on "ethical dilemmas" at the PRSA International Conference Oct 25-28th in Detroit, MI.

Emmanuel Tchividjian has served as the ethics officer at Ruder Finn for a number of years and is also in charge of the new Ruder Finn Ethic Consulting practice.

Show Notes:  

3:37 - Tchividjian on what he plans to discuss at the upcoming PRSA International Conference.  

4:30 - Tchividjian describes his role at Ruder Finn.  

5:33 - Tchividjian on the common ethical issues he deals with.

6:05 - Tchividjian gives an example of an ethical issue that he has to make with a client.

8:29 - Tchividjian describes how he battles the perception of PR when dealing with major corporations.

13:25 - Tchividjian on social media policies for employees in large corporations. 

17:00 - Tchividjian gives a recommendation to Henry Paulson on the ethics of the current economic crisis.

17:30 - Tchividjian gives an ethical solution to remedy the errors made during the economic crisis.

18:38 - Tchividjian on who should be compensated for the economic crisis.

20:12 - Tchividjian on whether tax payers are owed something for the bailout.

21:17 - Tchividjian on the biggest ethical lapse in judgment he’s ever made.

23:07 - End

Schwartzman is the founder of online press room management service iPressroom.

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