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J.D. Lasica, blogger, author, and journalist, goes On the Record…Online with host Eric Schwartzman at the New Communications Forum in Palo Alto, California, to discuss working as a journalist in the mainstream media, citizen journalism and citizen media, and the affects the new media has upon traditional journalism.

J.D. Lasica is co-founder and executive director of Ourmedia, a nonprofit global repository and community space for grassroots video, audio, photos and text. He’s a writer and blogger. His new book about the personal media revolution -- "Darknet: Hollywood's War Against the Digital Generation" -- is the result of two years of reporting and research. J.D blogs about citizen media and digital rights at Newmediamusings.com and Darknet.com. In a previous life, he was an entertainment editor at the Sacramento Bee. He is a senior fellow of the Society for New Communications Research. J.D., thanks for joining us.


3:15 – J.D. Lasica talks about his work as a journalist in the mainstream media: “…my managing editor actually issued an edict at one point saying ‘any story containing the word the web has to be officially approved by me.’”
4:15 – Lasica on what he covered as a journalist.
4:40 – Lasica on leaving his job as a journalist and working for Microsoft.
5:14 – Lasica talks about Our Media: “…its been a wild success…”
7:17 – Lasica on how to determine what media content is valuable.
9:19 – Lasica on “remix culture.”
11:58 – Lasica talks about open source software.
13:12 – Lasica discusses the “Mashup Camp” conference and explains what mashups are.
14:20 – Lasica talks about RSS feeds.
15:20 – Lasica discusses the notion of objectivity in journalism.
16:58 – Lasica on working at a newspaper and in a newsroom: “…very seldom do they [those in charge of a newspaper] just let you run with a new idea…I think that’s become a real problem…” 18:35 – Lasica discusses citizen journalism and citizen media.
20:49 – Lasica explains what the terms “populist” and “citizens” mean in a political context.
22:55 - End

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