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Antony Bruno goes On the Record…Online, with host Eric Schwartzman, to share how involved Billboard is in digital media, what sorts of things he looks for in a pitch and what media outlets influence him.
Antony Bruno joined Billboard in 2005 to cover the emerging field of digital entertainment, including music downloads, MP3 players, ringtones, wireless downloading, P2P, video games and interactive technologies for the weekly print editions. He also oversees the programming activities for Billboard's MECCA mobile entertainment conferences. Before joining Billboard, Bruno was assistant vice president of wireless Internet development at CTIA, the The Wireless Association. He is a frequent guest speaker and has been quoted in the Boston Herald and USA Today and appeared on National Public Radio.
05:10 - Antony Bruno gives a description about and insight to his role as the editor of Billboard Digital/Mobile.
05:53 - Bruno talks about how many people at Billboard work with digital media and their level of involvement.
06:15 - Bruno shares his level of involvement with digital media and why that level has changed over time.
06:55 - Bruno discusses his weekly involvement with news stories for Billboard, both online and offline.
07:30 - Bruno explains how long-time Billboard employees regard him and his position and the differences in background between them.
09:06 - Bruno shares how many PR pitches he receives in a day.
09:59 - Bruno reveals his idea of the prefect pitch.
10:40 - Bruno talks about what draws him to read through a pitch and what he wants from a pitch.
11:32 - Bruno describes how long he thinks a pitch should be and in what format.
12:09 - Bruno talks about how many people to copy on an e-mail to in an organization when pitching.
13:27 - Bruno describes the best way to format and send him a press release.
14:49 - Bruno discusses how important electronic aspects are in increasing the appeal of an online story.
16:41 - Bruno shares what sort of media outlets influence him as an editor at Billboard.
18:20 - Bruno talks about how the growth of citizen journalism impacts his decision on what to cover for Billboard.
19:47 - End.

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