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Verizon Communications SVP Media Relations Eric Rabe presented an end of day strategic recap at the Digital Impact Conference in NYC, June 9 & 10, 2008, and this is what's going On the Record...Online.  Rabe counsels senior management, including day to day contact with COO and CEO of this Fortune 12 business and manages the national network of PR professionals in major markets served by Verizon [NYSE:VZ]. He has deep experience in crisis management including union-related issues.

This is his second appearance on this podcast.  Rabe went On the Record…Online last time about broadband speeds, free municipal wireless, net neutrality, and what it’s like serving as SVP media relations at Verizon.

Show notes:

7:13 - Introduction to Eric Rabe.

7:45 - Rabe on crisis communications at Verizon.

8:37 - Rabe on how Verizon takes advantage of online communications.

10:02 - Rabe on influential blogs like Gigaom.

11:30 - Rabe on online communications tools of the future like Twitter and Facebook.

13:17 - Rabe on the practice of blogger relations.

15: 07 - Rabe on how a company can use an “information leak” that Steve Rubel [CB1]spoke on to their advantage.

16:44 - Rabe on the convergence of personal and professional communications in the mobile space.

18:41 - Rabe on the impact of the accessibility and affordability of social media on advertiser supported media.

22:41 - Rabe on Jason Falls’s recommendation of stepping up to the proverbial online water cooler.

28:28 - Rabe on taking sides on controversial issues, like those involving NARAL.

33:38 - Rabe on a future fourth generation carrier like AT&T.

37:05 - Rabe on deploying fiber optics and speed to Verizon customers.

39:11 - Rabe on when people will be able to use cell phones on an airplane.

40:47 - Rabe on how Verizon identifies blogs to follow using tools like Technorati.

42:20 - Rabe on building visibility and credibility through social media.

47:28 - End

This podcast is hosted by Eric Schwartzman who is the founder of online newsroom management service iPressroom and creator of the New Media PR Boot Camp, which has been attended by over a thousand public relations and marketing executives from private, public, government and nonprofit sectors.

Disclosure: iPressroom advised on best practices and provided design support on the development of the Verizon Communications online newsroom.

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